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What Happened to Green Illuminations?

Posted by Shan Parker on

For those of you just discovering The Onyx Exchange, please note that previously we were "Green Illuminations" from 2010 to 2013. Green Illuminations was a candle & home company that focused primarily on recycled glass products.

In 2013 we realized in order for our business to grow we could no longer continue to keep our focus on upcycled glass products. The amount of time that it took to source all of the glass & prep it was just outweighing the growth of the business. After polling existing customers we were able to see that our customers really loved our scents and that we provided truly all-natural products.

So in 2014, The Onyx Exchange was born. The decision to change our name was not one we made lightly. We know customers had fallen in love with the name. The name Green Illuminations was created on a whim when we did not even know if our company was really going to be a company. It didn't take long to realize that we had outgrown the name as we added body products as a focus to our product line. We decided that a name change would be best to help encompass our company moving forward.

The Onyx Exchange will be focusing primarily on our existing candle line as well as our growing bath and body line. You can still find all your favorite regular and seasonal scents under their same names both online and in stores. Our brand name may have changed, but we know it's important for you to quickly locate your favorite scents.

The biggest change you'll find to our line of course is in the size of candles. We've kept our wine bottle candle, however it now comes in a 10oz. size. We've also added a modern 7oz. jar candle with brushed metal lid, 4oz. tin and twelve pack tea lights.

We appreciate you making this move with us as we continue to provide you with only the most high quality home & body products.


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