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New Bar Soaps!

Posted by Shan Parker on

At the end of 2012 we introduced bar soaps into our line in a 4 oz. round size. Customers enjoyed soap scents that accompanied our candle line. In addition they loved that they were truly all-natural and time after time we were complimented on how amazingly long they lasted in the shower.

We really liked the round bars, we thought they were unique and easy to hold onto. A soap making friend earlier in the year had mentioned to us that they too had started by making round bars, but found that when they switched to square bars that's when people really started taking notice. I brushed the comment off at first, but then realized that maybe it did have merit. After about a year of selling the soap in that size we felt like maybe we were losing customers because they didn't really "see" that we had soap.

So as we began our re-brand at the end of 2013 we decided that if we were going to go square, now was the time.

In addiction to changing the shape we also decided to completely change the packaging. Originally our soap came simply packaged in tissue paper with a label. Now with our new branding they will come wrapped in wax paper with a sturdy wrapped paper label. Fancy! But also takes us about 3 times longer to package, but you can't take shortcuts when it comes to the look of your product!

The final change we made was adding that something "extra" into almost all the bars. Our Rahula soap has French red clay for that extra lather, while Monk has real lavender added and Erzulie has dried spinach for color. Look for more updates to bars in coming months. And even with all these upgrades, our soaps remain just $6 each!

Bar soaps are just the tip of the iceberg for where we want to take our body line! We hope to add scrubs, solid cologne, lotions, shave soaps and more in the coming year.


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