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We've Added 14 New Scents to our Candle Line!

Posted by Shan Parker on

In an effort to expand our candle offering to have great scents for everyone, we have just released fourteen new scents to our candle line. Available in all of our usual sizes! Lux, Wine Bottle, Tini, Warmer Melts and Tea Lights! Click the "Shop Now" link to each scent to see more information.

We worked really hard over the summer months custom mixing many of the scents ourselves to come up with truly unique scents that you won't find anywhere else!

EMBER   Shop Now →
Warm and inviting, bring the campfire inside! Woody and lightly smoky, our Ember scent will take your back to the great outdoors.
CAPRESE   Shop Now →
Basil meets tomato leaf for an herby scent that will take you back to the summer garden, or to an Italian dinner sharing caprese with your family.
AMERICANO   Shop Now →
Wake up to this dark, roasted coffee-bean fragrance. Like the finest gourmet coffee, without stopping at Starbuck's.
ORCHARD   Shop Now →
Snuggle up with this inviting scent of apples and leaves. Bring the ambiance of autumn inside.
OCHRE   Shop Now →
This candle is a perfect blend of the masculine and feminine sides. Lilac and cinnamon meet to create a unique smell that warms the senses.
MENTA   Shop Now →
Mint envelopes vanilla in a uniquely sweet and cooling combination in our Menta candle.
EARTH   Shop Now →
Have that feeling of getting your hands dirty in rich soil with this realistic scent of petrichor. You'll feel revitalized and reconnected to nature.
ONYX NO. 2   Shop Now →
An inviting, bold scent. Our signature 2 scent mixes the natural masculinity of oak moss with sweet rose and other natural scents to create a cologne type fragrance that women will wish their guy smelled like!
OHANA   Shop Now →
This tart, tropical scent will fill your home with the memories of your last family beach vacation.
Don't be fooled by the name, this candle will sweeten up your space with bright floral notes as well as avocado to enliven your home.
CRISP   Shop Now →
A tingle for your nose, this slightly floral, slighly piney scent will remind you of that perfect Fall morning.
FLEUR   Shop Now →
Our most floral scent, Fleur's name speaks for itself. A walk through a beautiful garden with the ones you love.
AZURE   Shop Now →
Notes of wisteria, dogwood and rose. A subtle floral wine bottle candle.
Our signature holiday fragrance oil blend of orange, cinnamon leaf, clove, cranberry, bayberry & baked vanilla. Bring a little winter cheer to your home for your next holiday party or just to snuggle up by the fire.



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